Knowing Who You Are

Every child who enters the foster care system is confused, frightened and overwhelmed with the reality of being taken from all they know and being thrown into a new and often strange environment.A disproportionate number of our children are from minority communities and while the Department of Social Services strives to keep them within their communities, often many of them are placed in homes very different from the ones in which they were raised.



The GALA Foundation will be working with the Guardian ad Litem Program and the Department of Social Services to coordinate an initiative called, ‘Knowing Who You Are’. The GALA Foundation will be purchasing the books and distributing them to our foster children, as needed, through the GAL volunteers. The goal of this project is to: help make the transitions for children in foster care as smooth as possible, foster healthy racial and ethnic identities within them, and to provide the GAL volunteers with another resource through which they can build relationships with their child clients.


Our long term goal is to expand this project to provide books to all of the children in care.


More information about KWYA can be found at:


In November 2010, the GALA Foundation was awarded a grant from Speedway Children's Charities. With this grant, we were able to purchase enough books to start the KWYA program out strong and get many children in foster care the books they deserve.


Thank you so much to the Speedway Children's Charities decision committee for believing in this project as much as we do.